Our Kids

Children come into care for a variety of reasons, including neglect, abuse, family illness or death.

Every one of our “kids”, whether a newborn or late teen, brings a unique set of rewards and challenges.

The main goal, whenever possible, is to return these children to their families. But when that isn’t possible, another permanent home is sought.

During this time of transition, these vulnerable children need and deserve the support of a nurturing and loving family. And that is where you come in.

As a foster parent, you are able to request the age & gender of the child you would like to foster. You also can indicate what type of care you are able to provide (regular, specialized, respite, etc).

We currently have the greatest need for homes for our safe babies, our tween & teens (ages 10-18), and sibling groups who need to stay together.

Interested in taking the first step to becoming a foster parent? Click here and we will be in touch with more information to help you decide if fostering is right for you.

Find out more about BC Foster Families by visiting the Provincial Awareness Campaign website: https://fosteringconnections.ca/

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